Liquid Chalk Marker Pens (3pc)


A sleek addition to your art kit!

Let Liquid Chalk Marker Pens take your imagination to surfaces you have never tried before. These markers will colour any non-porous surface. From windows to coffee cups, these markers are dust-free and easy to clean, making them ideal for little people to sketch their artistic expressions with freedom. Whether you create eye-catching works of art or leave messages around your home or office, these markers are sure to add joy to everyone’s day.

Product Features: 

🧡 3pc
🧡 Erasable
🧡 Ideal for restaurants, office, home, school or special occasions and holidays
🧡 Use on glass, ceramic, metal, porcelain, canvas, wood, fabric or stone
🧡 Dust-free and odourless
🧡 Use a dry or damp cloth to wipe clean
🧡 Age 3 years+

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